Own projects

Effort: workout tracker & training plan

Work in progress

Mobile app (React Native, TypeScript) on top of an extensive API (PHP, queues, auth, all that jazz) that integrates with external services (Garmin, Strava)

Track your fitness, analyse your workouts, and get tailored training recommendations.

Scrapbook: PHP cache environment

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A Memcached-like API for multiple cache backends, with stampede protection, sharding & transactions etc. on top.

Post to email

A simple container that provides an endpoint to submit forms to, turning those form fields into an email to you.

CSS & JS minifier

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How did a few regular expressions for a CMS grow into this thing with >10 million installs?

Cauditor: code analyzer


Set up this SaaS on AWS to extract/visualize metrics for PHP projects. Site is Python, analyzer is PHP (and open source)

Link GitHub repos & send to 2 SQS queues (1 priority for last commit, other for history) where metrics are generated and submitted back to website.


A dead simple container to automatically sync one directory to another on any given interval.


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Converts paths relative to one path to another.


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Helper for geographic searches & clustering of coordinates.


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Auto-expands textareas so they grow as you type.


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A simple, low-config, jQuery-based slideshow.



Extract build & environment details from just about any CI server.

Significant contributions

Fork CMS