Matthias Mullie

I’m a staff software engineer with over a decade of experience in building web applications, mostly in PHP, Python, MySQL, JavaScript & related tech. I care about code architecture. I love hard challenges, clean code & learning new things. I firmly believe in applying the boy scout rule to code. I’m pragmatic and able to get things done. I play soccer, like to run & love traveling.

I rolled into software development with video games: I found hacking them a lot of fun. I’m sorry for ruining the game!

My first job landed me in an agency with a team of terrific software engineers and designers, all very passionate about making the internet a better place. We open-sourced Fork CMS and had a great time!

I was very happy to join Wikipedia next, where I’ve implemented many new features with work ranging across the stack (a selection: notifications, discussion board, structured (meta)data for multimedia & media search.) Not only did I learn a lot about scaling a big application, I also became part of one of the best initiatives on the internet. Wikipedia means a lot to the world, don’t forget to donate!

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