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Auto-expands textareas so they grow as you type

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Without auto-expand

With auto-expand

A textarea will automatically grow and shrink in height as you add or remove content to it.



Or if you want to customize some of the options:

$('textarea').autoExpand({ animationTime: 0, windowPadding: 100 });


If you no longer need the textarea to auto-expand and you want to reset it:



Options can be passed in as a { key: value } object literal. Available options are:

property default value description
animationTime 50 Time in milliseconds to animate to new height
windowPadding 20 Amount of pixels to preserve between textarea & window bottom

You can remove the auto-expander from a textarea by passing ‘destroy’ (as string, not in an object literal).


Install this package via npm:

npm install jquery-autoexpand

Or simply copy jquery.autoexpand.js into your project.


jquery-autoexpand is MIT licensed.